Consultations on Alt-Ac and Nonacademic Career Paths

A topic of immense interest and importance to the MLA is the professional development of graduate students and early-career humanities PhDs. The organization’s recently appointed Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession (CSGSP) reflects keen evidence of such commitment. The CSGSP launched the public group, MLAgrads, in MLA Commons to encourage a forum on the annual convention, the job market, and challenges and opportunities facing MLA members who are graduate students. For the 2015 convention in Vancouver, the Committee has posted a roster of events likely to be of interest to student members. The events include the Graduate Student Lounge and a host of other sessions across the four days of the conference that address teaching, publishing opportunities, and different degree program and career tracks.

Likewise, the MLA Committee on Information Technology (CIT) is invested in providing experiences that offer guidance to the graduate student and early-career PhD community as individuals proceed on paths both traditional and nontraditional. To this end, members of the CIT are participating in one-on-one job counseling with attendees at the Convention who are considering alt-ac or nonacademic employment and careers.

The 20-minute consultations will take place on Friday, Jan. 9, and Saturday, Jan. 10, at the center operated by the Job Information Service, in the Fairmont Waterfront, across the street from the convention center. Just sign up at the center for a session. Need to know how to turn a CV into a résumé, or where to look for nonacademic positions? Curious to hear about the rewarding opportunities that alt-ac roles often generate? We can help! We look forward to meeting with you and talking about the possibilities of nontraditional career paths in the humanities.

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