CryptoParty: Secure Your Data like It’s 2017! (MLA 2017)

In addition to two fantastic sponsored sessions at MLA 2017 (“Histories of Digital Labour” and “Going Public: Tools for Developing Your Digital Identity“), members of the Committee on Information Technology have arranged an informal social event geared towards helping attendees secure their digital identities online.

“CryptoParty: Secure Your Data like It’s 2017!” will take place Saturday, 7 January, 8:45–10:00 p.m. in Franklin 10 at the Philadelphia Marriott. This informal, community-based social workshop is designed to help attendees setup basic encryption for their electronic devices, inform them about browsing the internet securely, and otherwise facilitate security in their everyday digital lives.

This event is for academics, by academics, and is designed for everyone. If you can sign into email, send a text message, or use a search engine like Google, you are equipped to secure your privacy online. 

Potential topics include:

  • Two factor authentication for email
  • Search engines
  • Passwords
  • Encrypting your laptop
  • Browsers
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

So bring your laptops, phones, tablets, palm pilots, or vintage Macintoshes Saturday night and help each other secure our digital information.

Resources and guides we will be drawing on:

Quincy Larson. “How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour.” freeCodeCamp.

Electronic Frontier Foundation. Surveillance Self-Defense

the CryptoParty Handbook.

moem. “Cybersecurity for the Trumped.” Too lazy to be stupid.

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