MLA 2020 Session: Roundtable on “Digital Scholarship in Tenure and Promotion.”

Description: As humanities scholars increasingly turn to digital modes of conducting and disseminating their research, the question of how institutions evaluate digital work for tenure and promotion has become even more salient. In many humanities disciplines, the largely collaborative nature of digital scholarship challenges the emphasis on single-authored works as the so-called gold standard of scholarly production. In addition to disrupting modes and methods of research, scholars working at the intersections of digital humanities and critical race and feminist theories have called for digital scholarship that recognizes a broader range of voices as knowledge producers.  How does the collaborative, open access nature of digital scholarship challenge extant notions of research and scholarly output? How might institutions better account for the labor involved in and impact of digital scholarship in tenure and promotion decisions? The panelists on this roundtable will explore these questions from their perspectives as leaders of various professional organizations and with reference to their respective guidelines for evaluating scholarship in digital media.


Seth Denbo (American Historical Assn.)

Amy Earhart (Texas A&M U, College Station)

Valerie Popp (American Council of Learned Socs.)

Roopika Risam (Salem State U)


Anne-Gaelle Saliot (Duke U)