About the CIT

Time line of the Committee on Information Technology, 1990–2017

Committee on Information Technology title slide

The MLA’s Committee on Information Technology initiates projects, publications, and other activities relating to the use of computers and other technologies for teaching and research in the language and literature fields. It advises the Executive Council and leadership of the MLA on matters relating to technology. Guidelines and statements from the CIT are available online.


  • Sébastien Dubreil, 2015–18
  • Patricia M. Hswe, 2014–17 (Ch.)
  • Angel David Nieves, 2016–19
  • Daniel Powell, 2014–17
  • Shawna Ross, 2015–18
  • Beth Seltzer, 2016–19
  • Amanda Visconti, 2017-2020
  • Zach Whalen, 2014–17

Staff liaison:

  • Stephen Olsen